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Chicken- Grilled, Smoked, Fried, Smothered, or Baked

Fish- Fried, Grilled, Baked or Smoked

Steak- Grilled, smoked, or Baked

Hambugers- Baked or Grilled

Hotdogs- Baked, Grilled, or smoked

Seafood- Broiled, Grilled, of Fried

BBQ (Turkey or Pork)

Porkchops - Grilled, Smoked, Fried, Smothered, or Baked

and much more.....




             Corn                  Black Eye Peas             Collard Greens        White and Brown Rice

Corn on the Cob                 Carrots         Cabbage             Dirty Rice            

String Beans      Lima Beans      Mixed Greens              Baked Potatoes

Sweet Peas       Okra        Sweet Potatoes          French Fries

and much more......




The prices may vary. Prices are by the plate , platter, person or event. To get prices you must contact with your items. 

We offer DJ's, bartenders, photos, servers and more........



We Bring The Good Times To You!!!!